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Atari hinting at something big on the Horizon!

E3 is just round the corner, and a relic of a grand ole’ age of gaming seems to be trying to make a splash just before the big event.

Coy, sleek and subtle is how I’d describe what they’ve decided to show. Less is more, while whetting the appetite of those few of us that still get a little nostalgically excited when

With fewer and fewer divisions and differences between the two big competitors for #1, Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo switching up the handheld and console market with their newest release, the Switch. Now might be the perfect time of flux for a Phoenix to rise from the Atari-ashes! This could spell the start of something beautiful! Or… Or the overstretched end for one of the forefathers of the industry.

The two obvious suggestions are a brand new console, which has the potential ...


SNES Classic Allegedly Hitting Shops by Christmas!

Nintendo have a cherished place in the Video Game Negaverse.

True, some companies like Magnavox and Atari may have been around long before they entered the market. While other companies, such as EA and Activision, have shown their rise to dominance on the market, but if there was ever a single company to have truly won the ‘hearts and minds’ of gamers, its Nintendo. It is a fun and open debate as to what makes Nintendo so strong, be it it’s family appeal, its wide range of franchises, or maybe its epic variety when it comes to its offerings. What ever you may think is the strongest card in Nintendo’s hand, it’s hard to put forth a better attribute that they can offer over their History.

Late in 2016 Nintendo moved to capitalise on this asset with the release of it’s wildly popular NES Cl...


Monster Hunter for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has had time to settle in along side the rest of this generation now after a rather stellar release! A wonderful hybrid of a home console and handheld, with the traditional set of incoming Nintendo franchises that appeal to everyone that likes fun. Which is an unsurprisingly high number of people!

The Switch has been brought out with possibly the best release game of all time, and I do not say that lightly. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is wholly worthy of it’s epic reception thus far. But ultimately it is still just one game. And while we know a small few of the titles that are on there way, we also know Nintendo’s history with third party developers.

Nintendo have been open and optimistic about the Switch’s chances on the third party front and we all hope they have learne...