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Full Review: Dead by Daylight

Death is not an escape…

Available on Steam (£14.99), Xbox One (£24.99) and Playstation 4 (£29.99).

Released last year on PC, and more recently brought to consoles, Dead by Daylight was developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. Offering a unique asymmetrical multiplayer experience deeply lodged in the horror genre, Dead by Daylight sees four survivors working together to repair generators while attempting to outwit, outrun and outlast a tenacious, unstoppable killer.

Dead by Daylight visual palette reeks of dreary bleakness from every facet. The entire game plays through a hazy fog adding to the sense of dread oozing in from all angles, bringing forth the eerie claustrophobic feeling that makes the horror genre so appealing to many...


Review: Sheltered

Available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4:

You and your family must survive and attempt to thrive in a post apocalyptic world inside and out of an expandable Fallout Shelter, brought to you by Team 17.

  • Graphics: Another game using pixel-based graphics. While they may look sharp and sleak, if you’re getting bored of games constantly coming out using pixel graphics, this will not convince you of their brilliance.
    That being said, they match the aesthetic of the game very well while also providing a very clean look to their chosen artistic style. But between the saturation of the offerings of pixel based games on the market to the fact that they are clearly representative of the past, it is hard to be blown away by the graphics in this title.
  • Verdict: Meh.
  • Audio: This was nev...

Snap Review: Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight was released for PC this time last year, and has just had it’s recent release for Consoles. It will set you back about £24 on consoles currently. Offering it’s unique take on A-Symmetrical multiplayer horror fun sounds like a match made in slasher heaven! One player is the killer working against the four human survivors for whom surviving boils down to avoiding the murderer, activating five generators then escaping through one of two escapes to freedom and, more importantly, safety. While the Killer needs to sacrifice on hooks, or kill, each of the Survivors to claim victory.

  • Graphics: The game looks bleak. The characters: bland and largely lifeless. The environments: dark, dreary and inhospitable...

Snap Review: Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

As one of the most recognisable gaming icons of the mid-ninties, Crash Bandicoot returns with a HD Remake of his first three adventures. He brings his typical blend of colourful craziness, anarchic box-bashing and all the platforming goodness that was offered when first released. But how well does a classic of this calibre hold up over two decades after the first was released?

  • Graphics: Simply put, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is one of the very best looking games you can pick up at the moment, and I do not say that lightly! Maybe I’m bias from early years playing a lot of Nintendo titles, but bright, colourful graphics have always been preferable to me than pixel-perfect realistic graphics. Viva Pinata looked better to me than Gears of War.
    The visuals were always a strong point on th...

Overwatch going strong after it’s first year, but who knows what the future holds?

The celebration of the Anniversary of the release of Overwatch was enjoyed in glorious style with a dedicated event, a bunch of cool new skins and a double XP weekend. It also marked the end to the very first successful year of Blizzard’s first new IP in the longest of times!

But now the dust has settled on the festivities and we find ourselves asking: “Who knows what the future holds?”

Unlike many games that quickly lose their value and stock up the preowned shelves, the value of Overwatch has not dropped dramatically, and it has often been difficult to track down second hand...


We were promised “the Future”, but are we there yet?

We were promised the Future, but are we there yet?

For decades, we as gamers have come to accept a few simple premises:

  • You buy a game, you own the game.
  • At the relinquishment of being able to play said game, you can lend it to a friend so they can play it.
  • When you’re done with a game, you can sell or trade it in for cash or credit.

Easy to understand this ideal has been the backdrop for physical games the world over since the inception of home gaming. While the likes of Online Passes (EA & THQ) or Story DLC locked behind a code (Batman: Arkham City & Rage) have tried to shuffle that principle back against the consumer; many of these policies have either been utterly repealed or at least scaled back to a more respectable and less obtuse level.

When the Xbox One was originally announced ...


SquareEnix announces a new JRPG for the Nintendo Switch

The dust has settled to a calm on the release Nintendo’s newest hybrid hardware, the Switch, and following the exciting release of the hardware, the future of the console now lies squarely in the hands of its software. The games make the system, not the other way around!

A couple of big name titles are already on the system, with the likes of the almighty Breathe of the Wild and the Deluxe version of Mario Kart 8 setting the trend, hopefully, for the rest of the year. Other games have been announced to be on their way sooner (Monster Hunter XX) or later (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) and this is all for the best. The Switch needs as much decent, well produced software to be thrown at it as possible if it is to avoid the problems of it’s predecessor: The Wii U.

With that in mind, another announce...


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Release Window & Screenshots

There are few no video game developers that command as much respect and attention as Rockstar Games. With it’s stellar output and insane budget, Grand Theft Auto V is a great example of what happens when everything comes together correctly and receives the overwhelming critical and peer based reception that it did so receive. And that’s what they achieved during the last generation, many and more of us have been eagerly awaiting what they can do with the current generation’s Hardware.

But we’ll have to wait a little longer, unfortunately! Previously, the rough release date has been pushed back somewhat...


Overwatch – Competitive Season 4 Coming to an End!

Season 4 of Overwatch’s Competitive Mode has been causing highs and lows, jubilation and tribulation, pain and promotions since the 28th February. The Triple Tank Meta is still very much alive (although the nerf to Ana’s Biotic Grenade tried to put it in the dirt), and the bizarrely brilliant updates to Lucio and the neew Tank Orisa have probably been the most noticeable changes to this Season.

Lylirra [Community Manager] has provided us, through Blizzard’s forums, a little more information regarding the end of this rollercoaster of a season. As well as a little information regarding the (very quickly) upcoming Season 5.


Season 4 will officially end on Sunday, May 28 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (or Monday, May 29 at 00:00 UTC)...


Overwatch Ascends to a “Billion Dollar” Franchise!

Overwatch has garnered a lot of love and attention since long before it even released, with its marvellous mix of genius marketing, its wildly inclusive roster of colourful characters spanning the globe and being the product of one of the best game developers out there: Blizzard.

“On that day, I felt so Alive”
– Widowmaker

There are a few times when certain games gain popularity and critical acclaim far beyond what it seems they should earn for what they offer… And then there are times when a bit of news bubbles to the surface that just makes you want to applaud your fellow gamers for supporting something that so very much deserves supporting.

Such news has filtered to the surface recently regarding a game that some (me) perceive as the single best online game thus far this generation: Ov...