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Review: Sheltered

Available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4:

You and your family must survive and attempt to thrive in a post apocalyptic world inside and out of an expandable Fallout Shelter, brought to you by Team 17.

  • Graphics: Another game using pixel-based graphics. While they may look sharp and sleak, if you’re getting bored of games constantly coming out using pixel graphics, this will not convince you of their brilliance.
    That being said, they match the aesthetic of the game very well while also providing a very clean look to their chosen artistic style. But between the saturation of the offerings of pixel based games on the market to the fact that they are clearly representative of the past, it is hard to be blown away by the graphics in this title.
  • Verdict: Meh.
  • Audio: This was nev...

Snap Review: Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight was released for PC this time last year, and has just had it’s recent release for Consoles. It will set you back about £24 on consoles currently. Offering it’s unique take on A-Symmetrical multiplayer horror fun sounds like a match made in slasher heaven! One player is the killer working against the four human survivors for whom surviving boils down to avoiding the murderer, activating five generators then escaping through one of two escapes to freedom and, more importantly, safety. While the Killer needs to sacrifice on hooks, or kill, each of the Survivors to claim victory.

  • Graphics: The game looks bleak. The characters: bland and largely lifeless. The environments: dark, dreary and inhospitable...

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – From the Creator of Assassin’s Creed

Set ten million years in the past, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is generating a fair amount of buzz around it at the moment. The first game from Patrice Desilets’ Panache Digital Games. Patrice Desilets is likely best known for his work creating the Assassin’s Creed series a decade(!) ago.

The teaser trailer itself is rather stunning; atmospheric and enticing. Showing a dark and foreboding, green Garden of Eden, the game hints at a primal lasciviousness and openness that would easily rival the recent Farcry Primal, and may even give Horizon Zero Dawn a run for its money, provided it is given a *lot* of polish and… and… I take that back, Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t going to be bettered anytime soon...