Accessory Kit coming for Nintendo Switch

There are not currently a great deal of Official accessories and peripheries out for Nintendo’s newest addition to the hardware and handheld market. You may be able to pick up wheels for Mario Kart, plugs, charging stations and carry cases, but overall the console is still bereft of the kind of influx of additional gear that makes life a little easier for the average gamer.

Nintendo’s announcement that there is an accessory kit on its way isn’t going to turn that all around, only time will do that. And, if I’m honest, I’d be surprised if there is anyone truly excited for this. But it is news! Maybe not great news, but news none the less: 23rd June will see the release of an accessory kit that includes a Switch Dock, an AC Adaptor and a HDMI cable.

Pricing has yet to be officially confirmed, although I can’t imagine it being too cheap, what with the AC Adaptor on its own being touted at £25 and the US pricing is at about $90 for the soon-to-be-released kit.

There have been a number of rather grand bits of kit released for the Switch, such as the extremely comfortable Surge JoyCon Grips or the economical and punchy STEALTH S-One Stereo Headset. But ultimately it takes time for the market to flood with a variety of items and accessories at all ranges of prices and uses. Until then, every announcement of this nature is like a Fire FLower on an underwater level: Essential!