Blizzard’s Successful Lawsuit Against Cheat Pushers “Bossland”.

Legendary game developer Blizzard have recently won a landmark lawsuit against German hack creator “Bossland” for a sum of £6.8 Million!

Bossland had reversed engineered the game Overwatch in order to create certain hacks that have allowed players (cheaters) to manipulate the game in ways not intended by the developers, thus creating an unfair playing field in Blizzards online teams based shooter.

The Court Order provided is from United States District Court: Central District of California.

assisting in any way with the creation or development in the United
States of any software whose use infringes any of Blizzard’s Intellectual Property,
circumvents technological measures that control access to Blizzard’s games, or
violates the EULA,

Bossland have completely refused to defend themselves on the lawsuit and thus Blizzard were awarded the settlement of £6.8 Million by default, and on top of that, Bossland have been totally banned from offering their… ‘services’ for Blizzard’s games in the US.

This is the most recent victory in a long line of successes with regards to Blizzard protecting it’s Intellectual Properties.