Call of Duty Returns to World War 2!

There are few franchises as well known as Call of Duty. The yearly instalment continues Activision’s reign over November’s releases, it a safe expectations nowadays that there will be a new Call of Duty at the end of every year until the Sun sets in the East and rises in the West.

Information has been officially announced regarding the next instalment of the Activision’s figurehead series has been released. Being developed by Sledgehammer Games, many Call of Duty brahs will already fully know what to expect and while scarce on details for now, probably one of the most important (and only) variables has been announced, the setting! Call of Duty originated in the second World War (as a setting, soldiers weren’t coding) so in a move that highlights how few options remain for the series… They’re returning to their roots as fans of the long running series can look forward to smashing Nazi forces (punching Nazis is good, just in case anyone needed that pointing out) as they attempt to spread their twisted idealogy across Europe and the World! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So you *could* wait until November… Or you could play some Call of Duty, or some Call of Duty 2… Or some Call of Duty 3… Or some Call of Duty: World at W- you get the pattern here, I’m sure.


Ultimately, until Activision stop trying to recover former glory, I think we will slowly continue to see a decline in sale and critical reception for the once stalwart series. Furthermore, the lack of a dedicated “Call of Duty: Zombies” game beguiles reason, truly! Look at the overall success and love for the Zombies mode, the audience is crying out for it as evinced by the universal price hike on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and World at War when they hit the backwards compatibility list.

For those of you desperate for more information about the latest instalment in the popular shooter, there will be more revealed on Wednesday 26th April during a Live Stream.