E3 Round Up – PS Vita

E3, the biggest gaming event of the year, has descended upon LA in typical grandiose style and promises to capture the attention and imagination of both the press and and consumers alike.

2017 has already been a breakthrough year for gaming, but at both the midway point of the year, and the big yearly event, it’s time to stop, listen and take stock of what we can expect for the rest of this year and early 2018!


Easiest article I’ve ever done… Damn, I wish Sony would have supported this majestic console a little more. It deserves way more than a quiet unmarked grave somewhere between the PS3 & PS4. Undertale is on its way, and that’s cool… But it’s also coming out for the PS4, so whatever.

Oh, Vita, you never asked for much, but you deserved so much more than you got.