Free Weekend: Rainbow Six Siege

One rather grand addition to this online and utterly connected gaming generation has been the advent of “Free Game Trials”. For a limited time, you get full, unfettered and complete access to the whole of the game. Any earned achievements and saved data are stored safely should you choose to pick up the game later down the line. This gives gamers a great opportunity to try as much of the game as they’re able to (within the time limit), rather than the typical affair of a couple of levels packed into a crudely cut together and called a ‘Demo’.

Next up on the “Free Game Trial” offerings coming to Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC is the highly successful Rainbow Six: Siege!

Unlike most Free Weekends, which tend to roll out across all formats for the same period of time, Ubisoft appear to be staggering the accessibility to the game on different systems at different times. On uPlay, Steam, Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, we can expect to see the full game viable to play for free from Thursday 15th February, with a strange situation in that the end date varies format by format. PC players can expect to play the full title until Sunday 18th February, Xbox Live users get an extra day with their supply of infinite free game lasting until Monday 19th, while Playstation Network users, the lucky blighters, get access until Tuesday 19th!

The Rainbow Six series has been around for a fair long while now and Ubisoft, King of Watchtowers, actually did something that they are not best known for with their IPs… They dramatically and successfully changed the format! The snowballing success, both at a critical and consumer level, caught many an eye as time went on. Seemingly surpassing expectations put on it, Siege has continued to grow and evolve with new Operators and content coming out for the game long after many other multiplayer games have been abandoned. Ubisoft seem to have taken the route of keeping the game alive through constant content that the audience consumes, rather than opting for a quick release of “Siege 2” to capitalise on the success.

The new format involves a tight, team and objective based system of combat, with set up times for preparation being of the utmost importance, more akin to a tense Counter Strike match than some of the older offerings of Rainbow Six. Gadgets galore and a huge variety of genuinely unique and diverse Operators make every match brim with overflowing potential (potential that may not be realised if you get shot in the head, thirty seconds in through the wall). Every match is unique, tense and balanced and the rush of adrenaline is fuelled by the need for quick decision making and then either living, or dying, by their consequences.

If you have not tried it, I utterly implore you to try it, furthermore if you can convince a friend or two to part with the colossal amount of cash required to play in this upcoming Free Weekend, well that’s all for the best, because this is a game to play with friends, all day every day!

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