Metal Gear Survive release date confirmed

Metal Gear Survive was first announced at Gamescom last year and is vastly different from what most Metal Gear games have offered previously (check out the trailer at the bottom of the page if you are yet to view it). As a grunt dragged into something akin to a parallel universe/hell dimension, players will see themselves face off against creatures not seen previous in the series; zombie type creatures, if you will, as they struggle to survive in a hostile map. The aim looks to be to survive and thrive over time as your character tends to their Mother Base’s needs and requirements in an expanding manner, not too dissimilar from the base mechanics on offer during Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. Metal Gear Survive is touted as supporting single player and co-op, with the latter not being the first time it has reared its head in the series, but hopefully it’s comes off as naturally as the incredible Peace Walker. Clear horror elements have dripped into the game, how well they go hand in hand with the Metal Gear series is an interesting question.

The original announcement of Metal Gear Survive has proved somewhat divisive. The major difference from it’s source material has provoked a lot (a LOT! check out the likes to dislikes ratio on their videos on Youtube…) of ire and condemnation from die-hard Metal Gear fans, while others (a far less vocal minority) praise an attempt at innovation and trying something new with a long established franchise. Both sides have fair points here, but how good the game is will ultimately decide which side is ‘correct’.

News has not been overly forthcoming about Konami’s upcoming release, but we now have an offficial release date and it is a fair bit closer than many of us were expecting: February 22nd 2018. Not too long until it is released, however it is looking at coming out during a rather busy period. Quite a few big name releases are looking at coming out in that window of “Early 2018”, but the lower retail price of Metal Gear Survive, selling at £34.99 (or $39.99 elsewhere), may tempt some of those that are currently on the fancy during such a busy start of 2018.

A lot of hate has, admittedly, been thrown in the direction of this game (and I’m not going to pretend I do not understand why…) but I, for one, am definitely going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I genuinely hoping Konami can pull something a little bit special and unexpected out of the bag with this unique looking title, but, as mentioned earlier, only time will tell.