Middle-earth: Shadow of War is now less than a month away!

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor was released about this time three years ago and was met with a chorus of love and a grand reception, both from critics and sales. Its fusion of multiple different game’s mechanics, such as Batman’s combat system and Assassin’s Creed world traversal seemed to be a big winner, with the Lord of the Ring IP being the cherry on the cake and the wonderfully engaging Nemesis system being the cherry on the cherry on the cake!

Use of the Nemesis system was something genuinely rather unique to the game. While not *every* baddie was special, the majority of the enemies that do end up on said system stand out in recognition, a rare facet for a game of its type! By investigating an enemies’ weaknesses, you can utilise a number of tricks and tools to make even the most macho of an enemy soil his small clothes in fear. Hates bees? Drop a beehive on him. Hates fire? Set that green skinned goon alight! The variety of tools at your disposal stood out, and you’ll strive to remember what worked last time against certain foes should they choose to show their deformed faces again!

As well as the hack and slash side of things, you can also strongly persuade some of the weaker minded foes and fools to take your side, then send them back into the world, like a mix between a sleeper agent and the replacements from the TV Mini Series “V”. This provided many an hour of entertainment as you could support, from a distance, your chosen candidate to seek their promotion, thus facilitating yourself one step closer of consolidated power! GLORIOUS!

We can also look forward to the work some sequels have done in the past, think the first Assassin’s Creed versus the second, or the difference between Mass Effect 1 and 2 or the difference another release for the Portal series had. Yes, some sequels can suck, The Force Unleashed 2 did nothing to further the series, and I ask you, was there anyone out there that loved Gears Judgement more than the previous three? Where the upcoming Shadow of War will fall on the spectrum of “Dire to Awesome Sequels” still remains to be seen. Many of us are optimistic for the game, but one of the main reason it got so much love was that it was a very high quality game that seemingly came out of nowhere. Sitting here getting hyped for the impending release of this game is probably not the best way to swing it, but we shall see how well it works, because I am hyping and hoping for great thing from it.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on 10th October 2017! Soon! Less than a month away, and I for one, am very excited!