Monster Hunter for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has had time to settle in along side the rest of this generation now after a rather stellar release! A wonderful hybrid of a home console and handheld, with the traditional set of incoming Nintendo franchises that appeal to everyone that likes fun. Which is an unsurprisingly high number of people!

The Switch has been brought out with possibly the best release game of all time, and I do not say that lightly. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is wholly worthy of it’s epic reception thus far. But ultimately it is still just one game. And while we know a small few of the titles that are on there way, we also know Nintendo’s history with third party developers.

Nintendo have been open and optimistic about the Switch’s chances on the third party front and we all hope they have learned the lessons the Wii U offered, the good and the bad.

One of the releases for the Wii U that stood out was Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. Personally, I had attempted to play many other versions of Monster Hunter on many other handhelds and consoles… and never quite clicked with it. In no small part due to a preference of home console over handheld, the version released on the Wii U gripped my attention in it’s jaws AND WOULD NOT LET IT GO! I got as hooked on Monster Hunter as I could have hoped. I saw the light and knew that no Toukiden or Soul Sacrifice could hold a candle to it’s shine! By far my most played Wii U game, and an accomplished additional to the Wii U’s library; the main reason I still have my Wii U set up.

Now the Switch is out! But while Zelda is a masterpiece, we gamers always want more. And Nintendo hooked me once with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and I want the magic to be recreated. I, like many others, are eagerly awaiting a Monster Hunter announcement for the Nintendo Switch. There are some announcements that have an air of inevitability about them, and a release for the Switch is too perfect to expect anything less. But there are reasons to be hopeful on that front!

Capcom’s approach of releasing and rereleasing and adding to the title is well known, and a most hopeful sign for those of us happy with a mere port of a Monster Hunter: Generations (although an expanded port would make me happier, and a full new title exclusive for the Switch would make me happiest of all, Capcom…).

Next hopeful sign is the natural habitat of Monster Hunter: the handheld console. Nintendo have had a marvelled spate of successes sending the series to the 3DS. Yes, it has been dragged out in chains on occasion to the home console market from time to time: put on display like a tiger in a zoo so someone like myself might get a brief glimpse of it’s glory… But from claw to frill, this game is all handheld. Oh wait, what’s that Nintendo?! You’ve made a console that is a hybrid of a handheld and home console?! Well, wouldn’t that seem just about perfect for a healthy dose of Monster Hunter?! Just. About. Perfect.

Lastly, and also least due it’s unverified nature, is an alleged “Leaked Upcoming Switch Launch Titles” screenshot that has emerged. A leaked internal GameStop schedule coming out of Germany seems to indicate that this very obvious match may have been intended for launch. Having missed the window, this could still indicate how far down the development cycle it might be if true. Possibly with an announcement before too long?

Allow me to reiterate, I do not put much stock in unverified screenshots on the Internet, but I most certainly do put stock in how perfect the match is and how mutually beneficial it is for Monster Hunter and the Switch. There may be an air of inevitability to a Monster Hunter on the Switch announcement, but that doesn’t make the wait any easier to bear!