Monster Hunter World has an official release date: 26th January 2018

2017 has been an incredible year for gaming, truly one of the best years in a long, long time! From the likes of the Switch & Breath of the Wild coming to and delighting fans worldwide, to the release of the first new Persona game in an age. Remasters that rock, like the N.Sane Trilogy, and industry staple Call of Duty returning to its roots; 2017 has been a roller-coaster of releases from the get-go! But there was one specific announcement that piqued my interest more than any other… And that was the impending release of Monster Hunter: World.

The trailers at the bottom of the page further shows off the fantastic looking offering and also drops the main bit of information we’ve all be eagerly awaiting: The Release Date! Mark your calendars, people! 26th January 2018 sees the release of Monster Hunter: World for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One! To coddle and console us after the end of what I believe to be the best year in gaming in a decade, we have the release of one of our most anticipated upcoming games!

Love it or hate it, it is impossible to ignore Monster Hunter’s cult status in the gaming world, more so in Japan than anywhere else, but love for the series has snowballed around the rest of the world over the years. Capcom’s penchant for re-releasing titles with added content has helped see the series spread across many consoles and formats, but there is no denying its clear predisposition for handheld gaming… Until now! The announcement at Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 caused ears to prick up like a Felyine hearing cat food open, but what was shown wasn’t just a normal dose of Monster Hunter for the current generation of consoles, ported over with ‘features added (which I still would have bought day one), like the Switch’s Monster Hunter Generations XX, what was shown was the biggest jump up in Monster Hunter’s history! Abandoning the handhelds looks to have allowed the series to grow into wonderful places, places the few previous console versions could only dream of.


Gone are the load screens between zones, it’s now seamless!

Gone is the need to return to the village after every quest, hunt till you’re done and return when suits you!

Gone is the need to have your party set up before the mission begins, drop in drop out coop is here!

While such features may have helped imbue Monster Hunter in the past with certain sense of identity, one that the likes of Toukiden and Ragnarok Odyssey attempted to replicate (but never bettered), they have felt like a bit of an anachronism with the past few entries of the premier hunting game series. So unlike previous versions of the game, Monster Hunter World looks to be an improvement on the series in just about every avenue… But that’s just how it looks. As we all know, Monster Hunter’s appeal comes from its much-loved combat system, the plethora of varied monsters and the grind for your ultimate gear set! All of which appear to be present and accounted for, but the nature of judging those essential qualities comes from hours of playing, not from salivating over glorious glorious gameplay trailers.

Some of the comments in this forum post are well worth paying attention to if you desire tangible information without the PR heavy spin, and many different videos show this is clearly built on the same rock-solid foundation that the game has had consistent roots in for years now:

  1. Don’t get hit
  2. Hit it till it dies
  3. Use the gains for better gear

In simplicity lies perfection, and most Monster Hunter fans will explicitly and eagerly tell you that within the confines of those three core principles, hours, days and years of fun can be had. And this upcoming release ushers a new era for the greatest coop hunting game money can buy you.



I’ll be buying this Day One! How about you? Looking forward to it? Not a fan? Let us know in the comments section below!