New Addition to the Nintendo DS Family Coming July 28th!

Since it’s release way back in 2005, the Nintendo DS has had a number of successful revisions and re-releases, each tweaking the design for one purpose or another. Since its first release back in 2005, the versions and releases we have seen have been:

The Original DS Series

  • Original – 2005
  • Lite – 2007
  • DSi – 2009
  • DSi XL – 2010

3DS Revision

  • 3DS – 2011
  • 3DS XL –
  • New 3DS – 2012
  • New 3DS XL – 2012
  • 2DS – 2013
  • It has been about four years since the last revision of Nintendo’s flagship handheld console did away with the eponymous third dimension to the screen, as well as the beloved clam shell design, in an attempt to go after a younger market. While the 2DS may not have set the market aflame, the impact that it did make was strong enough for Ninty to give it another breath of the wild life despite being out on the market for as long as it has.

    Please, allow me to introduce you to the 2017 revision to the 2DS available from July 28th, Nintendo have gone all out with the rename alone: The New Nintendo 2DS XL!!

    Available in striking Black and Turquoise!

    Or Vibrant Orange and White!

    According to Nintendo:

    New Nintendo 2DS XL plays all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D. With a large 4.88 inch screen, and weighing in at around 260 grams, it’s a new kind of Nintendo 2DS.

    More control options: New Nintendo 2DS XL includes a C Stick and ZL/ZR Buttons, giving expanded control options in compatible games. The C Stick allows for sensitive controls depending on how hard you press.

    amiibo support: Near-field communication (NFC) is built into the lower screen. If you touch an amiibo (sold separately) against it while enjoying compatible software, you can read and write data on the amiibo and enhance your games in surprising new ways!

    What’s in the box?
    New Nintendo 2DS XL system x1
    New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus x1
    microSDHC memory card (4GB) x1
    AR Cards x6
    Operations Manual x1
    AC adapter x1

    You heard it directly from Nintendo themselves! The new 2DS comes with a charger in the box! This is revolutionary! This is huge! This is a stupid move that Nintendo has seemingly *stopped* doing! Everybody clap, please.

    Much like the current 2DS, the New Nintendo 2DS XL will be able to play every single DS and 3DS game currently on the market allowing it the rarest of assets, to release onto the market with a full catalogue of incredible software to choose from. The lack of stereoscopic 3D may irritate some people who question why features were removed from a successful system, but these people are unlikely to be parents. The parents themselves will rejoice at being able to purchase this handheld joytoy without needing to worry about the health and safety warning blurting out about children under 7 having the risk of potential vision damage when using this product.

    The aforementioned amiibo support and additional C-Stick and buttons are both as welcome to the handheld as they are overdue, but I for one and elated to see the return of both the screen protecting clam shell design and the inclusion of a charger in the box. Why they ever removed either of these design calls are beyond me, but no use crying over spilt Lon Lon Milk, they have sorted it out now, and hopefully have learned for the future.

    All in all, I shall not be picking up this new release of a classic, my “New 3DS XL” still does everything I want it to, and I see no reason to ‘upgrade’. That being said, if I didn’t currently have one, or was looking to pick one up for any youngsters, this would be the make and model I’d jump on!

    What do you think of the revision? Terrible? Fantastic? Literally the worst thing since the wiping out of the dinosaurs?! Let us know in the comments section below!