New Event: Overwatch Uprising!

“In honor of the fallen during the darkness. Until the darkest night gives way before dawn, may they be reborn in the light, and never be forgotten.”
~ A commemoration of the conflict in Dorado

A small period of time has passed since the previous Overwatch event, Chinese Lunar New Year, ended with a bang! Since then, there has been a new Season on Competitive Play and a brand new Tank, Orisa, has hit the Field. The future is looking bright for the online juggernaut “Overwatch”.

The future looks bright, but the past? The past is far darker…

Since it’s release, Blizzard have taken a dramatically different approach to the storytelling and narrative development when compared to most online first person shooters. There is a richly detailed world, steeped in thought-out lore and topped off with a colourful and varied roster of heroes. But the amount of detail that they force upon you is at a minimum, the detail is there, but it’s on you to seek it out if your interest has been piqued.

The problem is, that in between the limited world expansion that they throw at the player, and the overwhelming success of the Animated Shorts, gamers have gone a little bit… hmm, overzealous in their search for world lore as evinced by Sombra’s epic reveal.

Overwatch’s newest event delves into the murky history following the post-Omnic Crisis time frame during the glorious ascent of the mighty force: Overwatch! The event is called Overwatch: Uprising and introduces two new PvE Arcade Modes, a host of skins from yesteryear and a slew of new voice lines, highlight intros, emotes and sprays! Basically the whole hog you’d expect from a new event! It’s very difficult to say this isn’t the best event yet. Some seriously cool skins, best new event arcade match and some insanely delicious backstory make this event stand above all previous events!

What’s New with this Event!

New Skins:
Early Overwatch Skins:

From Left to Right: Lieutenant Wilhelm, Chief Engineer Lindholm, Cadet Oxton and Combat Medic Zeigler.

Blackwatch Skins:

Blackwatch Genji

Blackwatch McCree

Null Sector Skins:

Null Sector Bastion

Null Sector Orisa

Widowmaker Talon

Two New Arcade PvE Modes:
Two new PvE modes have been released, and if you enjoyed Dr Junkenstein’s Halloween Event, this wil be a sure winner for you! Both modes are very similar, a small skirmish with a variety of objectives as you and three other heroes face off against Null Sector, a splinter group trying to override the peace progress currently being installed in a fledgling Overwatch mission, and a first mission for Tracer! You can play this with either the heroes set up for the job (Chief Engineer Lindholm, Cadet Oxton, Lieutenant Wilhelm and Combat Medic Zeigler, complete with cool new skins!), or you can play the mode that will allow you to choose any heroes you so choose. This mode will see you travelling around a revamped King’s Row as you actuate around the map while under constant attack from a stylishly purple Null Sector threat, all the while under the watchful eye of Strike Commander Morrison and Ana Amari! Ensure you bring your best team mates and engage, because this one is a little bit special!