New Statue coming to the Blizzard store

“Life and death balance on the edge of my blade.”

Overwatch, Blizzard’s sensational team shooter from last year, keeps on building momentum with its constant updates, focus on the competitive edge and a slew of genius merchandise and marketing!

Widowmaker had a marvelous statue not too long ago, the collectors edition of the game came with one of Soldier 76 and who can forget the original Tracer mid-blink!? Next up to the figure-front: Genji!

There have been a number of statues released thus far by Blizzard (and a larger number of Overwatch statues *not* officially sanctioned by Blizzard), but this Genji one does indeed seem to be something else!

This statue measures just shy of 12″/30cm high; quite a striking item and would have no problems standing out on most people’s shelves. The fine detailing, molding and expert painting all lead on to making this a must have item for any Genji main, or any diehard Overwatch fan in general! This piece of art will set you back $150.00 and you can preorder today through it’s store page [here] (as well as get a *much* better look at it), with shipments expected to reach the consumers by the end of Q1 2018.

Credits for the statue are as follows:

Dominic Qwek (Sculpt)

Ehren Bienert (Mold & Cast)

Four Horsemen (Paint)

Laurel Austin (Art Direction- Paintmaster)

Arnold Tsang (Art Direction)

Blizzard Animation

Overwatch Development Team