Nintendo Direct – Pokemon Announcements Abound! Summary and Impressions!

Nintendo’s use of “Nintendo Directs” can often be just cause for excitement and jubilation at times, especially when they have released a new console in the last few months and the gaming community is on tenterhooks to know: WHAT’S NEXT FROM NINTENDO?!

Yesterday’s correspondence has given us a much clearer idea as to what to expect over the coming months for one of their most universally successful series across the board: Pokémon.

This Nintendo Direct was comprised of four main Pokémon related announcements:

  • Pokken Tournament DX – Switch
  • Pokken Tournament released for the Wii U a couple of years ago now to relatively decent praise and feedback. The fighting game formula was seemingly a big winner when given a pretty Pokémon sheen. It’s simple-yet-effective system of the traditional counter, grab and attack system meant that anyone could pick the game up and get some joy out of it pretty quickly, without needing to bog themselves in the typical quagmire required in this genre to git gud. The news of a re-release seems to be getting Lickitungs wagging in excitement and anticipation!

    The portability of the Switch allows for great multiplayer options, especially in Tabletop Mode. With two Joycons and the Tablet, you and a friend can play till the battery (or your friendship) dies.

    A much sought after replay system is being included in this version of Pokken Tournament, as is the inclusion of Daily Challenges. Exactly what kind of challenges will be provided for the enthusiastic Pokken-gamer to unlock isn’t too clear, but they’ll no doubt add a little more diversity to the offerings available!

    The DX Version will see the inclusion of new Pokemon and new battlemodes: Decidueye as a playable and both Litten and Popplio as new supports. While Team Battle (3v3) and Group Match (Skill based online match ups) mode offer you versatile new ways to get the most out of the premier Pokémon brawler.

    The Official Release Date for Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch is currently 22nd September 2017.

  • Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – 3DS
  • In an ‘interesting’ announcement, Nintendo have informed us of the upcoming release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Many and more of us who have been playing Pokémon games for decades are well accustomed to having a Yellow released that compliments the Red & Blue versions, a Platinum for the Diamond & Pearls and so on, but that cartain system seems to have stopped… Black & White got Black 2 & White 2 to follow it (both sequels, rather than complimentary games) and X & Y’s additional game, Z, never ever ended up seeing the light of day

    And now we have the announcement of both Sun & Moon getting revamped with new content and even more reasons to dip back in and say Aloha to Alola! Information is a little sparse as to the full fleshed out features that this release will entail. But one has to wonder about the appropriacy of the choice of releasing two titles in general, let alone for re-releases. With online features such as Wonder Trade, the need for both titles in a generation is becoming less and less relevent. If Nintendo continue to engage in this choice due to tradition rather than practicality or profitability it will always ultimately impact their bottom line in the long run.

    The Official Release Date for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, both for the 3DS, is currently November 17th 2017.

  • Pokémon Gold & Silver Versions – 3DS

  • Some of the announcements in this Direct have come as a surprise, but this one is unlikely to shock anyone. Pokemon Red and Blue were released to the eShop early last year to a glorious cacophony of nostalgia induced fanfare, and many of us have assumed that it wouldn’t take too long to see the other pre-evolution early titles hitting the eShop.

    And that is exactly what has happened! Pricing is unconfirmed, although you can expect it to somewhat mirror Pokemon Red & Blue’s £8.99 value. A whole host of new feature will be included with this title, including: Link Battles & Trade, access to the PokeBank and the Time Capsule function.

    The Official Release Date for Pokemon Gold & Silver on the 3DS’ eShop is 22nd September 2017, same day as Pokken Tounrament.

  • Pokken Tournament DX Invitational – Switch

  • What better news to accompany the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch than a Pokken Tournament DX tournament, hmm?
    Full information as follows taken from

    Pokkén Tournament DX Invitational

    June 14th 2017 10:30 a.m. PT / 1:30 p.m. ET
    Watch popular YouTube and Twitch personalities put new Pokkén Tournament DX fighters to the test while competing for the title.
    Invitees: Eight YouTube and Twitch stars
    Format: Crew battle
    Prize: Autographed Pokkén Tournament DX artwork.
    Announcers: Jordan Kent, D1 and VikkiKitty

That wraps up the summary of announcements, now for impressions… And there seems to be a pretty damn big Phanpy in the room in the name of Pokemon Stars. If you haven’t heard of it, there are plenty of great articles here and there giving the low down on what it is and why some, including myself, may be wondering how and why it is so very conspicuously missing from a wholly Pokemon-based Nintendo Direct. Some may say that mainline Pokemon games have been held back by being on handheld only, others can also rightly argue that the reason for its sheer dominance is due to the pick up and play nature of handheld gaming. But with the hybrid handheld of the Switch having been released, many of us were hopeful that we may get a fusion of the two: a full mainline Pokemon title that has the capacity harnesses the power and possibilities of a home console. It’s a dream for Spring that has apparently still not been realised… Or, at the very least officially announced.

I think we can all hope that Nintendo have something incredible to offer on that front before too long, both for the long-term sake of the mainstay series of Pokemon RPGs, and for the efficacy of the Nintendo Switch.

Thank you for reading, full video of the Nintendo Direct is below; ENJOY!