Officially licenced micro controllers for the PS4!

Sony may be top dog on many of the aspects of this gaming generation that matter, but there is one element that they are falling behind Microsoft on, and that is the controllers! A small aspect overall, I’ll not deny, but one Sony seem to be now paying attention to. It’ll be no easy job to pip Microsoft on the controller front, between the incredible (and expensive!) Xbox One Elite Controller, to the Xbox Design Lab, awesome controllers on the Xbox are on lock down!

But when it comes to controllers, there are few names or brands out there with more sway than the companies Sony have curled up to in order for them to bring a number of smaller and officially licenced controllers: Hori and Nancon!

Check out these three below and mark your calendars if you’re after one; they’re released from the 6th November and onwards!

Three mini models are being released, and I am really rather hard pressed to say which one will appeal to the widest number of people, but I can definitely say which I find the nicest looking between the Nacon Wired Compact Controller, the @PLAY Wired Compact Controller and the HORI Wired Mini Gamepad!

Lets have a closer look at each of the models!

Nacon Wired Compact Controller

Looking to be released in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red colours, the finish on the Nacon Wired controller is eye-catching and subtle at the same time. Tweaking the easily recognizable design of the standard PS4 controller into something more viable for those with smaller hands. They look stunning, I can’t wait to try one!

@PLAY Wired Compact Controller

Much like the Nacon, this design is extremely similar to the standard controller. The two tone nature of the colour schemes work great with the black panel in the middle for the touch sensor.

HORI Wired Mini Gamepad

If I were to say I had a penchant for any of the three controller types posited here in this article, I would unashamedly state it was this one. More akin to a remaster of the SNES controller than the Playstation 4, the Hori Wired Mini Gamepad is sleek and stunning. Understated but wholly focused on functionality. I am likely going to be picking up one of these in black.