One to watch: Let Them Come!

New ideas in gaming are few and far between nowadays. With the voluminous budget usually required to develop, polish, test and publish a game, companies obviously are slightly adversed to taking a risk with something new over something established, be it a series, a genre or an entirely new IP. So when a game is coming out that genuinely looks refreshing, different and new, it’s well worth paying attention to. Even if the game isn’t as brilliant as one might hope, it should be rewarded with attention for trying something different in a sea of similarity.

With that in mind, an upcoming release may well be worth paying attention to for just that reason: it looks different! There is no denying it is coming out at a difficult time of the year for game releases, with Destiny 2 and Fifa 18 having just become available, and CoD only a month away, the market is chockablock of fantastic recent releases, but sometimes having a smaller title can compliment the influx of major releases, rather than conflict with it.

The synopsis for Let Them Come!” does indeed sound like every other tongue-in-cheek action hero game:

You are Rock Gunar, mercenary gun for hire with alien blood on his hands. Twitchy trigger fingers and focused battle tactics are the order of the day as you take on this ultimate survival mode challenge to wipe out every Alien on this ship! You will die – a lot – but sheer brute force plus cool ammo and weapon upgrades will help you take these vermin down, one wave at a time.




I know! I know! Nothing you haven’t heard a thousand times before, from Duke to Doom, Matt Hazard to Serious Sam, but while the premise may sound utterly overdone, the gameplay looks to be one of the more unique offerings! Something about its sublime simplicity stands out as something special! If you can appreciate a smaller simpler game that is built on the foundation of a rock solid and unique mechanic for its core gameplay, then this could really be a game for you!

Clearly appealing to those that love the Tower Defence games, and those that love to push their high scores using knowledge and further strengthening gained by playing the game enough, Let Them Come will hopefully be the kind of game that gets an incredible amount of play for the gamer that appreciates them both. Upgrades, equipment and knowledge of the combo system will see you rising through the ranks and cleaving through the xenos at light speed, and this definitely looks to be a “one more round” kind of game… “It’s four in the morning… One more round…”

We see our muscle-clad hero, Rock Gunar, stand on the left of an enclosed hallway as the alien forces determined to see the ceasing of his existence come charging from the right, wave after wave after wave! Armed with big guns and a massive arsenal, you will make your stand against said forces as all the hell is unleashed in pixeled gory glory! As they slip through the net you’ll see the damage they inflict portrayed on the portrait of Rock in a throwback to days gone past.

On October 3rd, Let Them Come is going to be released across mutliple formats, Xbox, Playstation and PC and is a rather cheaper game that looks like it’ll set you back less than £7. It could be terrible, or it could be a really unique and awesome game, only time will tell, so for now it is most certainly one to watching! It is currently being developed by Tuatara Games and published by Versus Evil.