Overwatch at BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon 2017 has now been over for a short while. A convention covering all things Blizzard related, not many companies can truly have enough sway to hold a convention solely for their own enterprises, but Blizzard is no normal company, and BlizzCon 2017 was an overwhelming success!

One game we’ll be covering the emerging details of from BlizzCon is 2016’s runaway hit: Overwatch! Overwatch came out over a year ago and took both the consumer and competitive gaming world by storm! People love the diverse representation, the slick visuals, the innovative marketing and, of course, the balanced and finely tuned game play on offer!

And as expected as Blizzard’s latest IP, Overwatch got plenty of time and attention. Three really rather awesome things came from it:

  • -New Animated Short: Honor and Glory
  • -New Map: Blizzard World
  • -New Hero: Moira


New Animated Short: Honor and Glory

There have been a multitude of Animated Shorts from Blizzard in the past year and a half, their variety being their strength. From the touchingly poignant “Last Bastion” to the action packed extravaganza “Hero”, the Animated Shorts have truly set themselves apart as part of Blizzard’s PR campaign for Overwatch. Clearly hinting at an feature length Animated Film in the future (can you hear how much want and desperation is in my strained typing there?) Blizzard continue to drip out lore, history and narrative bit by bit through these shorts (as opposed to revealing the story and events through the game as is the way with most games not developed by Blizzard).

It has not been too long since we had Mei’s tearjerker “Rise and Shine” and the hilariously IN-CON-SPICIOUS Junkertown, but lovers of Overwatch brought the house down at BlizzCon as a fitting reaction to a new Animated Short! Starring Reinhardt at the front and centre of this one, we see some of his personal history and events before Overwatch was established. Obviously I shall not go into too much detail, because this really needs to be seen, hopefully on a big screen with a loud sound system, to by fully enjoyed. It very well may be the best one yet, and I do not say that lightly, it is stunning.

Watch below!


New Map: Blizzard World

As with all their important gameplay related entities, such as maps and characters, Blizzard are releasing this new map for free. Blizzard have a unique in-game relationship with their constructed world created for Overwatch. They exist in it (check out the train times in Numbani, or the fact that D.Va, Hana Song, is a world class StarCraft player) which is more than most companies do with their IP and also very interesting to their fans, even more so for those fans who can measure their fanhood of Blizzard in decades.

Blizzard World is a whimsical and colourful hybrid map full to the brim with nods, references and easter eggs for any fan to get their teeth into. A farcry from their previously released map, the payload focused apocalyptic “Junkertown”. Check out the run through of it in the video below!


New Hero: Moira

This is the news many fans were eagerly awaiting. It has been a while since Doomfist was released and we were all hoping that this was coming at BlizzCon. Moira was announced, and she did not disappoint! Wowing fans with her sharp, almost Dark Elf like aesthetics, this ginger Irish lady looks set to change the meta in an unpredictable way!

Her Fade technique sees her darting around the map while her auto-aim primary fire (not entirely unlike Symmetra’s) drains health and powers up her healing! She has a bot she can send out to heal or hurt from Pharah afar and her burst healing fires somewhat akin to Mei’s primary fire. Her healing is constricted to a resource meter, which recharges agonisingly slowly on its own, or much quicker when you latch onto enemies with your primary fire. Moira possess an impressive arsenal overall, but all of her kit must be being used all the time to get the most out of it, and getting the most out of Moira is going to be a far bigger ambition than it may first appear.

Moira brings the total number of healers to five, almost an entire team! Moira is currently live on the main game, but locked for Competitive while people acclimatise themselves to how she functions. I can’t wait to see how she’ll change the dynamic of the ever-shifting entity known as Overwatch!

This was purely covering Overwatch at BlizzCon, there were lots of other big announcements for other games under the Blizzard umbrella as well, such as StarCraft 2’s jump to Free To Play, or World of Warcraft’s Classic server or Battle for Azeroth Expansion so make sure you check out all the Blizzard news swirling around the internet like a… well, Blizzard.