Overwatch’s Hanamura Suffers Game Breaking Bug

When you win a game, of anything, it’s great! When you lose, it sucks. This is the natural order of things, this is why we play, a fair game deserves a fair reward. But sometimes things go askew and bugs or imbalance shift the natural order of things away from balance, towards a chaotic quagmire that is not fun or rewarding for either the victors or the losers.

And this is exactly what has transpired recently on Overwatch, Blizzard’s run-away hit of 2016, on the two control point map (and a personal favourite of mine): Hanamura. 

Seemingly first noticed by Reddit user Agent007077, this match breaking bug involves Tracer recalling and managing to get inside the bell on the first point. Other characters are also capable, such as Mei using her Ice Wall, but most damningly of all, it is easily repeatable and utterly crippling to the fairness of the game! Once inside the bell, the player is capable of firing out, contesting the point and causing chaos while remaining safely behind several inches of thick bronze, the kind of armour that would make Torbjörn Molten Core with jealousy!

Blizzard are currently yet to comment on this, but you can be sure they know about it and are likely to be doing their utmost to resolve the issue!

Until such a time rolls around, there are a couple of workarounds to keep in mind should you find yourself on the infuriating receiving end of some cheating bell end. Abilities that effect the movements of your enemies have shown to work in places: Zarya’s Ult and Orisa’s Halt have proven themselves to overcome this issue (though nippy Tracer may be able to quickly Recall back in there), as has Hanzo’s Ult that traverses through walls. Other moves that move the enemies are yet to be confirmed, such as Pharah’s Concussion Blast or Lucio’s Soundwave, as a way to overcome this, but may be well worth a try if you’re one of those characters and you see someone doing this. I would also strongly recommend that you file a report if you do see someone utilizing this glitch; on your team or theirs!

A few videos below detailing the problem: