Play The Division for Free from May 4th – 8th!

One rather grand addition to this online and utterly connected gaming generation has been the advent of “Free Game Trials”. For a limited time, you get full, unfettered and complete access to the whole of the game. Any earned achievements and saved data are stored safely should you choose to pick up the game later down the line. This gives gamers a great opportunity to try as much of the game as they’re able to (within the time limit), rather than the typical affair of a couple of levels packed into a crudely cut together and called a ‘Demo’.

Next up on the “Free Game Trial” offerings coming to the Xbox One, Playstation Network and uPlay is a personal favourite of mine and one of 2016’s surprise hits: Tom Clancy’s The Division. From May 4th until the 8th May, you can download and enjoy the entire game, free of charge, from Xbox Live.

Society has broken down in the aftermath of an outbreak of a genetically designed super virus. You are a sleeper agent for a hidden branch in the Government known as “The Division”. As Society falls, you rise.

Playing it solo, the game is “quite good” but a little bit of a bland third person shooter that struggles to excel in any areas, but also it does not shame itself in any areas either. But playing it with friends, the game suddenly comes alive to the sound of multiplayer glory! No one can cover all skills and perks, so it’s best to diversify to cover all paths and be the most prudent of teams. The campaign covers an impressive amount of missions and map space… But the Dark Zone is what is going to get people to purchase the game after the trial has ended. As the name implies, the Dark Zone is most certainly not for the faint of heart! PVP, Going Rogue, Special Enemies, Unique Loot, Unlockable Chests and Division Tech all make the Dark Zone as alluring as it is hostile… Be careful in there, Agent.

So this weekend, get a couple of friends together, hook up on your gaming network of choice, download the free title and play the game the way it was meant to be played!