SNES Classic Allegedly Hitting Shops by Christmas!

Nintendo have a cherished place in the Video Game Negaverse.

True, some companies like Magnavox and Atari may have been around long before they entered the market. While other companies, such as EA and Activision, have shown their rise to dominance on the market, but if there was ever a single company to have truly won the ‘hearts and minds’ of gamers, its Nintendo. It is a fun and open debate as to what makes Nintendo so strong, be it it’s family appeal, its wide range of franchises, or maybe its epic variety when it comes to its offerings. What ever you may think is the strongest card in Nintendo’s hand, it’s hard to put forth a better attribute that they can offer over their History.

Late in 2016 Nintendo moved to capitalise on this asset with the release of it’s wildly popular NES Classic; a slimmed down version of the industry-saving console that played a large part in defining gaming in the late 80s. The NES Classic itself flew off the shelves and it’s price skyrocketed as Nintendo could not keep up with the overwhelming demand that people placed upon it. And now, in a move that will no doubt befuddle stockholders, analysts and anyone “waiting for the price to drop”, Nintendo have ceased production of the highly sought after item.


But like the fabled (Final Attack +) Phoenix from the ashes comes the rumours that most of us who are knocking on thirty have been eagerly eagerly awaiting… And that is the possible announcement that the SNES Mini is on its way, and should be on the market by Christmas 2017, if sources at are to be trusted!

Although details are understandably a little thin currently (with the above pictures not being official showings of the classic re-imagined), it is a safe bet to assume that many of the forms and features of the NES Classic will be apparent with its successor, the SNES Classic. Including HDMI Output, USB Powered, a variety of in-built, system-defining games and a decent price that goes through the damn roof upon release. If you think you might be tempted with one, pre-order early to avoid the disappointment of watching the price rise… Then rise… And then rise some more. Then just when you think it won’t increase anymore… They’ll announce it is to be discontinued, BUT KEEP YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR WALLETS OPEN FOR THE INEVITABLE N64 CLASSIC!