That time of year is looming: Holiday Predictions!

There is no denying that 2017 has been one of the biggest years for gaming in quite some time, for quite a few reasons. From the release of Nintendo’s little beauty alongside Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a variety of genuinely steller games for all consoles, to the impending release of the death-knell of console generations: The Xbox One X. This year has been an unforgettable rollercoaster!

With all that’s happened during the year in the gaming world, it’s surprising to think that we are now heading into the big release window, in which all manner of developers, publishers and everyone in-between struggles and vies for the attention and money of every consumer on the planet! Yes, the end of the year nearing, and with it, the quickening pace into the year’s end ramps up dramatically.

But who is likely to come out on top this year? The three big contenders for the top spot are, unsurprisingly and rather obviously: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo! Each with their own hardware and software on the market currently, and each doing very well for itself! So what is each bringing to the table?

Sony are currently top dog, in a well placed reversal to last generation. They were the first to bring out their advanced revision of a console in the guise of the Playstation 4 Pro, and this year has seen some incredible single player exclusives released earlier with the likes of Persona 5 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. On top of that, they have made tremendous strides by being the first major console company to successfully develop and implement Virtual Reality to their console. But towards the end of the year, releases have been somewhat slimmer, with Gran Turismo: Sport disappointing more than enamoring, and Days Gone not coming till early 2018. I can’t imagine Sony having a brilliantly mind-blowing Christmas period this year. I can see them staying “on top” and doing great in general, but it seems as though the bulk of their steam came earlier in the year. Which is great for us gamers, but it’ll win no prizes from Santa!







Microsoft seem to be bringing the big hardware gun out for the holiday period of 2017. Their year may have been a little beleaguered for the Xbox brand, but by the end of it, it looks to be ever so very different! With Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One X is the fastest Xbox pre-order ever, they are very likely going to be having a better end to the year than start, which had few releases, and the cancellation of Scalebound, a game that I, for one, was intensely anticipating. There are updates abound for 4k games and smoother experiences all round, but not a great deal of money-swinging exclusives this side of 2017 (although once 2018 lands, and with it State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3, things will likely be very different!). So with new hardware, that clearly many people are awaiting, Microsoft are likely to have a great end-of-year. Will it be enough to push them past Sony overall? Probably not, but how Sony react to it will be all for the better for the average gamer.

Step aside everyone, Nintendo takes large steps! This year has been something else for one of the oldest gaming companies! Sensational, risky and rewarding are three terms that come to mind for the release of their hybrid handheld console. With announcements for far-off games like Yoshi, Metroid and Kirby keeping people looking on the horizon, the latter part of this year sees the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus! Great games far off. Great games earlier in the year. Great games coming up before the end of the year. What more could be asked for?! Oh right! The SNES Mini which is doing so well for itself and is likely going to be finding itself under many a Christmas Tree.



Obviously in the world of business, there are no certainties or guarantees, but as a prediction, I think Nintendo are likely to come out on top with their mix of new and old, Microsoft should have a blinding release of the Xbox One X, but little else, and I think Sony are likely engaging in the smart move of letting the other two fight it out for Christmas Number 1 as they sit there content to count their money from several years on top, and they’ll likely continue to be Number 1 overall, but with a much more sedate Holiday period.

Thank for reading! Let us know what you are hyped for this Holiday Season in the comments section below!