We have hit that time of year, and you know what that means!

Allow me to be upfront and honest: If you have come here to get a sneak peak at the new skins, you have come to the wrong place. Some people like the surprise to come at the time of the event, and I do not wish to spoil that for them.

Pumpkins, cotton cobwebs and cheap plastic skeletons litter shop windows as we approach into the spooky season. Halloween can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but some of the more obsessed of us will obviously jump to the most predominant thing available: AN OVERWATCH EVENT!

Last year’s Dr Junkenstien event was probably the very best; the highlight of the first year! Between some truly iconic skins (Which Mercy? WITCH MERCY!), some great voice lines and the first PvE event, it was safe to say that even if the Halloween Event wasn’t your cup of tea, you likely appreciated that a lot of work, time and effort had gone into it!

This years Halloween event is looking to build upon what was offered last year by dishing out some seriously sick skins! While not all details have been outed yet for the event that starts on Tuesday 10th October 2017 there have been a couple of images released thus far which seem to indicate that the extremely high quality that was evinced last year is a trend that is looking to continue!

What new horrors can we expect Blizzard to offer us this year along with some of the kick-ass skins that have been hinted? Hopefully another PvE mode like last year must indeed be incoming! And improved upon as well, of course. Last year’s Summer Games Event had it’s LucioBall majorly improved upon, with the addition of a ranked mode of play for it.

Can we expect a ranked mode of the Dr Junkenstien’s Revenge? Probably not, that doesn’t really strike me as the kind of event that would be acclimatised to a ranked mode. I think we can expect either an overhaul of Dr Junkenstien’s original mode, hopefully with the original mode included untouched as well, but I my be asking too much on that one. An expansion and growing of the mode would also be delightful, but it begs the question of how much can and should be changed when last year proved itself so very popular?

Not too long till we find out now! Less than 24 hours!